The Evolution of Canadian Political Science through Co-Citation Networks.

How has Canadian political science evolved since 1968, the first year that the Canadian Journal of Political Science was published in its “modern” format? One possible way to answer this question is to look at what people have been talking about in CJPS and who they have been talking with.

Political Science Top 50

Most cited articles in CJPS

In my previous post, I looked at the most cited article in political science by decade. Here, I concentrate on the Canadian Journal of Political Science and look at the most cited articles published in the journal. I only collected data for the top 5 for each decade.

Most cited articles in political science by decade

I was inspired to do this by Kieran Healy. By inspired I mean he did it for Sociology using data from a colleague and I decided to do the same with Political Science. I even replicated his graph (as much as I could, Greg Eady helped me with the legend).